Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Materials: steel, zinc coat & heat-lacquered paint finish. This is an environment-friendly piece because steel can be recycled indefinitely and is already being recycled up to 95% all over the world, which means a reduction in CO2 emissions and savings in mineral ore, lime and energy. The finish is also eco-friendly: powdered paint preserves both the environment and health since it contains no solvents, lead or TGIC.

Dimensions : L. 4 000 mm ; W. 785 mm ; H. 540 mm
Weight: 450 kg
Photo by Sabine Puche

First shown at Biennale Internationale de Saint-Etienne in 2008 for Pro Materia and Tolerie Forezienne.
Currently at Cite du Design ‘Bancs d’essai’ exhibition

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